strong entries are:

  • Educational
  • Engaging
  • inspiring

Step1: Find a quiet place with natural light or use a ring light.

Step2: Open up your camera app and set it to the front view mode on video mode. prop up your phone at an angle that ensures your face is clearly visble in the screen.

Step3: Select 'start' when you are ready to film.Now work your magic and film your beauty tutorial! As thepromoter of this competition, we would prefer if TBX products were featured in your entry (However it is not an entry requirement, nor part of the judging criteria.)

Step1: To edit your video, download a free video editing app like imovie. Open imovie on your iphone and import your video.

Step2: If you would like to remove section from your video to ensure it is under 3 minutes, use the clip trimmer. Double-click the clip you want to trim. The clip trimmer appears over the timeline. Next, to extend the clip, drag the edge of the clip away from its centre. If you want to shorten the clip, drag the edge of the clip toward its centre. once you are happy with your clip, Press 'Return' to close the clip trimmer.

Step3: You can also add music or filters to your video in imovie. Once you are happy with your final video, click the export icon and select 'Save Video' or email it your computer.

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  • Your ability to

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